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The Perfect Gallery Wall - Hardest Thing to Achieve or a Skill to Master?

Creating the perfect gallery wall....does it sound daunting? Perhaps it seems like an art form reserved for the most seasoned interior designers or those with an innate knack for aesthetics. But what if the secret to mastering this visually stunning element of home décor is not just about having an eye for art but about learning and applying a set of skills? This guide is here to demystify the process and show you that with a bit of knowledge and a lot of creativity, anyone can transform a plain wall into a personal and perfect gallery that sparks joy and conversation.

Whether you’re looking to showcase a lifetime of favourite artworks or just want to spice up a drab room, constructing a gallery wall is a fantastic way to express your unique style and create a focal point in your home. Let’s explore the step-by-step journey to curating a gallery wall that not only complements your living space but also tells a captivating visual story of who you are.

  • Colour Your World

Selecting the right colour palette is the foundation of your gallery wall. If your room sports neutral tones, jazz it up with artworks that splash bold, vibrant colours. On the flip side, if your room is a kaleidoscope of colour, balance it with art in softer, muted shades. The key? Your art should sing in harmony with your room's existing colour symphony, not drown it out.

  • Mix, Match, and Marvel

Art is a reflection of your unique taste, so mix different styles to create an eclectic yet cohesive look. Pair an elegant black and white photograph with a riotous abstract painting, or place a serene landscape alongside a modern graphic print. The secret sauce to keeping it cohesive? Repeat certain elements—be it a splash of gold in each piece, similar frame styles, or a recurring subject matter that tells a continuous story.

  • Spacing Magic: The Art of Precision

The right spacing can make or break your gallery wall. Aim for a consistent 2-3 inch gap between frames. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about giving each piece its moment to shine while maintaining a collective coherence. To ensure you nail this, grab a tape measure and a level—precision is your friend here!

  • Frame It Right

Frames are more than protectors of art; they are an extension of it. Choose frames that complement both the artwork and the overall style of your room. Mixing frame sizes adds depth and interest—larger frames anchor your layout, while smaller ones pepper it with detail. Consistency in frame colour can unify the look, or varied hues can add dimension—choose based on the vibe you're going for.

  • Trial Without Error: The Paper Template Trick

Before you even think about making holes in your wall, use paper or cardboard cut to the size of each frame to plan your layout. Tape these templates to the wall, rearranging them until you achieve your desired composition. This method saves your walls from unnecessary holes and gives you the flexibility to experiment with different arrangements without commitment. Trust me, it's a game changer!

a picture of a gallery wall in the making with paper cut outs on the wall to decide picture positions
Use paper or carboard to place the pictures in the ideal position

  • Room Décor: The Finishing Touch

Your gallery wall doesn't exist in a vacuum—it should enhance your room's décor, not clash with it. If your wall is a statement piece, tone down the surrounding furnishings to let the art take centre stage. Conversely, if your gallery wall is understated, feel free to dial up the drama with bold furniture or decorative accents nearby.

Once you've placed your frames using your handy paper templates and perfected the spacing, step back and admire your work from different angles. Small adjustments might still be needed—perhaps a slight shift to the left here or a tiny nudge upwards there. This is your art, your wall, your space—make it uniquely yours.


Creating a gallery wall is an exciting journey in curation and design. It’s about more than just decoration; it’s about crafting a personalized environment where every glance reveals a layer of your life’s canvas. So gather your favourite pieces, roll up your sleeves, and transform that empty wall into a masterpiece of memories and aesthetics. Happy decorating!

And of course, if you need that extra helping hand, you know where to find me..!


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