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A Design Called Home

The first step to transform your home!

This is a 90 mins consultation where you tell us all about the space and plans for the space and we'll help you with initial ideas, action plan and guidance on where to start your project. 

Whether is the colour scheme, a new layout or just what style would work best for you and your space, this is where it all starts.

Plascon House Tour_ A Stylish Californian Retreat.jpg

Tailored for individuals seeking initial inspiration to create, refresh, or modernise a space, our package is ideal for those relocating or wanting to transform their existing property and don't where to begin. We begin with a virtual consultation, which will enable us with crafting a concept design. We'll ensure that all elements harmonise beautifully with each other, empowering you to implement each component at your own pace, no matter where you are in the world.

A package specifically designed for clients who want the full interior design experience. Starting with a virtual or in person consultation, this package offers all the perks of a full design using our expertise and knowhow you need to make a house a home you’ll love.

My Modern Mediterranean Bedroom Design - Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor.png
16''18'' Mediterranean Ceramic Sink Handmade - Etsy.jpg

Whether you have a special event in your home or you are planning to sell your house and you need to have your home picture or viewing ready, this package will help you make your already beautiful space be extra special. With existing décor or temporarily incorporating new items to spruce up the space, we will make your room stand out from the crowd.

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