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Top 3 tips on how to make your home feel all the warm and cosy vibes during winter.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog entry!

In the UK, since last week, we’ve been having full on winter weather, with snow, ghastly winds, and ice EVERYWHERE!

(Honestly, I felt like Tonya Harding ice skating on the sidewalks on my ways to the supermarket on Friday!)

So, while I was sliding my way into the week, I thought we can talk about what most people want to know right about now:

How can I make my house feel cosy and have a warm and welcoming vibe during winter?

If you follow me on Instagram (@Whitefoot_Interiors) you have probably see that I've touched on this.

Now... I have no idea who will be reading my blog, but here is a list of people who could really find this article useful.

Perhaps you are a parent, super busy all day between work, life, kids, etc., with the house that most days looks like a bombshell and who’s waiting for her kids’ bedtime like a child waiting for Christmas.

Or perhaps you are “that person”, strong and independent, who’s just moved to a brand-new home which is still a blank canvass and needs to get their stamp on it.

Or maybe you are a student, who is out and about most of the time but when comes back to their room would like to feel all the comfy vibes before immersing in a full-on studying session.

In any case, who ever you are, I am here for you and here are my TOP 5 TIPS on how to make your space SUPER COSY, like a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream on top!


1 – Lighting magic

Have you ever entered a dentist or a doctor’s room and felt it was all very bright, cold and impersonal? Well, that because that’s exactly the feeling they were going for!

Those bright, white and cold lights are there for the sole purpose of having the perfect vision of what’s going on at all times, to be alert and to deliver a service. Which is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE to what most homes should feel like, especially in rooms like a bedroom, living room or even a bathroom.

Lighting plays a huge role in how we feel in a space, and if cosy and warm vibes are what you want to achieve, warm and cosy lighting is what you need to have.

Here is how you can improve the lighting in your home. Start by looking around the space and check:

- What are the sources of light in here?

- Do I like the lighting fixtures I have?

- What’s the temperature of the lighting bulbs?

- Can I add layers of lights?

If your lighting sources are mostly spotlights on the ceiling, or a harsh task lights, or even just a single pendant, try to soften everything up by either installing a dimmer switch for your ceiling lights or by adding an decorative of light on the floor, or again having some strip lights dotted around the room (i.e. on behind the TV, on shelves, etc.).

If you have looked around and decided that some of the fixtures you have don’t quite work with the look and atmosphere you wanted, perhaps you could think of replacing some of them. As for everything related to home décor and interiors, there is an ocean of choices out there, so how do you know which lighting fixture will look best in that space?

There would be the need for a whole new blog entry for answering this question (and who knows…this may be coming soon?! ;-) ), but here is a simple tip I can give you for now.

Look around the space and pick up a “common theme”. For example, you have a colour accent that comes through in various places: perhaps black is something that pops up lots (black picture frames, black side table, black faucets, etc.); or silver (chrome light switches, table legs, or plugs); or pink (accent scatter cushions, curtains, rug). Whatever colour you find, it should be included in that new lighting fixture you get to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

If the budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, the easier and most cost-effective thing you can do is replacing your bulbs with some warm white LEDs (colour temperature 3000k or below will do, but always check that the bulb matches your lighting fitting and if it is dimmable or not if you use a dimmer switch). LEDs have a very long lifespan and they are also very energy efficient, so they are perfect to solution to save all the pennies, especially with the current economic climate!

Lastly, (and I’ve saved the real secret for the best lighting atmosphere for last!) you should think about layering.

As you would do with an outfit, that is the same idea when we are talking about lighting layers. You have your ambient light, such as spotlights, then you add a few task lights, such as desk lamps, wall lights, etc, and finally you can have your decorative lights, such as pendant or a chandelier, string of light. And voilà! Your room has gone from flat to gorgeous!

2 – The Double T: Textile & Texture

We all know that the best way of feeling nice a cosy, is by adding some textile in the space.

Whether it is a nice rug or a few blankets, this is what makes a space feel immediately warmer and welcoming.

If you have hard flooring, rugs are an absolute MUST. Whether it is for a bit of sound absorption, or whether is purely aesthetics, a rug will work its magic in most rooms. If you have a home with carpets and wondered whether you can still use rugs, the answer is DEFINITIVELY YES! They add texture, colour, character and interest in a space, from the kitchen to the living room, a rug is always a good idea!

(N.B -> make sure you check the sizes of your rug beforehand! The wrong size will give you all the wrong vibes!)

In terms of texture, here is how you can add it to any space. Firstly, let me clarify what we mean by this term: in short, texture is the material, consistency and feel of an item.

A wicker basket has a different texture of an indoor plant, or books, or a coffee table with grooves on. All of this contributes hugely into the final look and feel of the space which will end up making a room which will feel lived in and personal. Art works, accessories, and finishing touches all contribute to the same scope but please make sure all the different textures still "speak the same language" to each other by using the same colour palette and style for a more cohesive end result.

Curtains and blinds are also a big game changer when it comes to cosy vibes. Whether you have the need for blackout or thermal materials or simply as a decorative window treatments, curtain add to the overall look and feel of cosiness.

3 – Candles and Room Fragrances

I have probably left the best (and most affordable) tip for last!

I am sure we have all been given at least one fragranced candle, wax melt or reed diffuser as a present at some point in our lives. And I bet that fragrance sometime has transported our imagination back to a happy memory or a place.

That's the power of the sense of smell, it can take you on a summer sunny beach even if you are in cold UK in the middle of winter!

As someone who used to sell a very well known American brand of fragranced candles, I can ensure you that this industry doesn't make billions of pounds for nothing! A simple votive candle on a plate can have a huge impact in the décor and feel of a space, especially when paired up with other candles of different shapes and size.

Winter time is the perfect time to add an extra layer of cosiness by adding your favourite scent in the rooms you live in the most. The have a lovely soft glow after dusk and make you want to snuggle up and read a good book. They can even be your best welcome card to any of your guest if you place your favourite scent near the entrance.

So candles and home fragrances are great for making your space cosy, but be warned!

Some mass produce room fragrances can be very heavy in harsh chemicals which not only it's unpleasant to smell, but can also cause harm if inhaled for too long. So please make sure you buy, good quality products, better still if made of natural materials and essential oils.

And that it my friends! These were my 3 top tips for making your home cosy this winter, if you'd like to add more to the list feel free to comment below, and don't forget, come and check out my Instagram, TikTok and Facebook page for even more tips & trick in interior design.


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